Under the Fog Sea

Head Maintenance Engineer's Report

Head Maintenance Engineer's Report

I have finally read through the entire script of this damned vessel and i am no closer to ascertaining the secrets of this "sub-fog Crystal" that is powering the thing.

The wing rotors are complex, using stimulation through electricity to contract synthetic muscle fibers. this doesn't create enough lift on its own, but integrated light gravity tethers create stabilization and i bet propulsion too. more to come on that.

The Captain is a dunce cap personified. doesn't listen to me, i wouldn't be surprised if this ship crashes and burns because of her arrogance. I try to keep my presence on the flight deck minimal.

Lee is a prick, the Safety Manager, his policies are sound and hes a hell of a shot, but hes a damned fool. Not sure why, ill get back to that. I suppose maybe i should bring up the fact that i trust the man, oddly, and in a fight i know hed stick by me. Still an asshole though.

My stocks are getting low, i have six bottles of whiskey and a few more of this wine, the vessel seems to be devoid of drink, but maybe im just not looking in the right places.

Hold on…

Sirens are going off, land ho!


Path to Gainful Employment

Welcome to Undecroft. You have been sought out and invited to take part in grand adventure that promises to be rewarding both monetarily and educationally, if you're into such things. You are to meet at the inn near the Crucible called The Heavy Rabbit. Talk to Orela the barmaid and order a beef stew, hold the onions, extra salt and she will show you the way.

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