Brief History


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On the Fog shrouded continent of Eoroth, on the very southernmost edge lies the city of Undercroft. Originally founded by a group of mages, a thousand years ago, who discovered that an abundance of Fog Crystals that formed naturally in the depths of the fog sea off the coast. These crystals are used for everything from spell components to sources of energy for powering vehicles and structures. Once these mages, from then on known as the Geode Collective, founded Undercroft they proceeded to experiment on the crystal because prior to their discovery these crystals were only available by creating them using a powerful and expensive alchemical and magical process known as Condensing. Because of the abundance of crystals they were able to experiment and change the properties of the crystals to cater to certain applications


The names and achievements of the Geode Collective are common knowledge and taught in any academy worth its salt.The Geode Collective developed and refined their own personal foci when it came to their crystal experiments. There were 6 of them all, Habahn Fenqen, Aabina Awjest, Olenor Pierce, Fijor Horncrest, Javae Yesphyra, and Fluzifi Finbar. Habahn, an Elf, focused his experiments on affecting both plant growth and water generation because he came from a desert region that lacked both these essential life giving elements. Aabina, a Teifling, used her time figuring out how to harness the power of air and through many failed experiments final perfected flight and then used this knowledge to create the first airship, naming her the Mother of Airships. Olenor, A human, always wanted to help everyone and focused all his time on creating cures for all kinds of ailments and some say he discovered a way to immortality. Fijor, a dwarf, hailed from the Wress Mountain range which splits the continent into three regions and he became a master of moving earth and created many cities along the mountain range. Javae Yesphyra, an Elf, tried to develop a solution to her sister’s mental illness, that rendered her speechless, for most of her life and she eventually created a way to enter the mind and communicate with almost every intelligent being. Fluzifi, a halfing, focused on fire, just because fun, she did use it for things other than fun but mainly she developed really fast land vehicles.


1000 years ago the mages sought out a safe place to pursue their research for there was war and unrest on the continent due to depleting natural resources and political subterfuge. They traveled as south as they could and thats where they discovered the Fog Crystal deposits. They vanished from the continent and returned sometime later with amazing powers and abilities. With these new found powers they solved many of the problems their continent faced creating enriched farmland, crystals that seemed to heal almost anything, vehicles for traversing the land and air, expanding commerce, and propelling the continent into an unprecedented are of prosperity.               

Brief History

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